Chiropractic gets to the CAUSE of the PROBLEM!

The current conventional healthcare system earns a reputation for effectively treating symptoms with drugs or
surgery. The standard operating procedure for most complaints or conditions, especially for those lasting longer
than three months, tends to be the administration of medication. Medications for high blood pressure, diabetes,
cholesterol, indigestion, allergies, depression, and pain represent the most popular and profitable treatments on
the market. The problem with this model of health care becomes the cycle of sickness and artificial treatment
which temporarily alleviates symptoms but never addresses the cause of disease and discomfort. Many drugs and
treatments save lives in crucial moments when life hangs in the balance, but long-term quality of life requires an
emphasis on education and strategies meant to address the underlying cause of problems – rather than engaging
in a cycle of temporarily treating symptoms.
Chiropractic care does not pursue the treatment or curing of specific conditions. Nervous system care functions
much like exercise and other proactive health measures. Positive outcomes and long-term health benefits occur
which extend far beyond most initial reasons for implementing the proactive approach. A person may initially
desire to lose weight through exercise. The long-term outcomes of an exercise regimen include weight loss in
addition to improved energy, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and better sleep among other benefits. These
long-term benefits occur because the process of exercise radiates into many different functions and processes of
the body.
Chiropractic adjustments and nervous system care work in a similar fashion.
The spine serves as a vital component which helps direct the function of the
entire body through the brain and nervous system. An intimate connection
exists between the spine and central nervous system. If the spine operates
while misaligned or not moving properly, more stress occurs in the system
and radiates into the body and organs. Small misalignments in the spine
produce disturbances in the messages going into and from the brain and
disrupt control of the body. An adjustment gently relieves areas of stress,
impingement, and misalignment so the body functions and heals as
Chiropractic helps people with all sorts of problems ranging from back and neck pain to headaches, energy
challenges, sleep troubles, and much more. The best part of Chiropractic care comes from knowing that this form
of health care addresses the underlying causes and roots of sickness and disease. A research study proved that
people experiencing spinal pain experience more effective relief from Chiropractic care than from the use of
acupuncture or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The study showed that people experiencing the
most severe, chronic spinal pain credit Chiropractic care with providing long term results. Two years after the initial
study, a follow up study was done to track the progress of the initial findings. Researchers used the same outcome
instruments among the three treatment groups (Chiropractic, acupuncture, and NSAIDs) and determined that only
those patients in the Chiropractic group were found to have experienced both short term and long-term relief and
healing from care.
Chiropractors pursue the cause of sickness and disease rather than simply covering up symptoms. The most
effective investment of time and money comes from making health care choices which pursue healing and
restoration of optimal function and performance. Masking symptoms does not equate to healing. Chiropractic
provides a healthcare choice which seeks to address the cause of problems and provide long term health
benefits for the whole family.


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